How To Make Your Own Azelaic Acid Formula

Azelaic acid is an exciting addition to the topical treatments. By using this in conjuction with the zix formulas we are closely mimicking the same formula that's been demonstrated in vitro to reduce 5AR by 90%. 5AR is the precursor to DHT the hormone responsible for male pattern baldness. That's quite substantial however an invitro study in no way means the treatment is proven to grow hair. Below is a supplier for the azelaic acid flakes you will need. I have no financial affiliation with the supplier.

Azelaic acid also has an antimicrobial effect which also might explain to the critics why it works even if it does not contribute to 5AR reduction. An antimicrobial is a fancy way of saying it tends to kill bacteria. You should understand that there are many that believe that azelaic acid does nothing to help the balding condition. I happen to believe it is helpful though and so does Dr Lee who is one of the more respected hair loss physicians on the net. Azelaic acid may also have an antiinflammatory effect because it causes a histamine release when you first start using it but this lessens over time as the histamine is used up in your scalp. Histamine is a major factor in the chain of reactions that leads to inflammation. (DHT leads to inflammation. Inflammation leads to fibrosis. Fibrosis causes encapsulation of the hair follicle which causes the follicle to no longer produce hair.)

I've messed around with azelaic acid for some time now and I have found that whenever you simply add it to the zix formula it ends up ruining the entire thing. It's OK for a few days and then a preciptiate forms rendering all the ingredients useless. I also wonder if this could be the very same reason why products such as Revivogen and Crinagen seem to have a poor success record. Could the same thing that happens when I add azelaic acid to zix be happening with these commercial products as well? For this reason we mix up the azelaic acid in a seperate solution . We apply it twice per day. We apply it first, then wait a minute or two, then apply one of the zix formulas. We apply the azelaic acid first for no other reason than convenience. Since it contains 40% alcohol it tends to dry more quickly. If you apply one of the zix formulas first you will have to wait longer for it to dry before applying the azelaic acid formula.

There are some hair loss remedies that contain a 5% solution of azelaic acid. One of the more famous is a product sold by Dr Lee called Xandrox. I 've always believed this product was effective but ridiculously priced. So that's where I got the original idea to utilize a 5% solution. I have since changed my opinion of this. I now believe a 2.5% solution would be more than adequate and have two fundemental advantages over the 5% solution.

First it would allow us to utililize less ethyl alcohol. Instead of applying a 70% ethly alcohol solution to our scalps we could cut it back to 35%. Although ethyl alcohol is a "follicle friendly" penetrant it still has a drying effect on the scalp. Secondly, azelaic acid is slightly sticky and "gummy" when it dries in your hair. Using a 2.5% solution is much more cosmetically acceptable.

Remember azelaic acid really is not an anti-androgen. It may have other properties that are helpful for hair loss but in my opinion it is the synergistic effect of what you are using with it that is the real value of the AA. Like I said before the invitro study shows a 90% reduction in 5AR was obtained when using zinc, b-6 and azelaic acid in LOW concentration.

It is a simple brew to make. (To obtain azelaic acid flakes return to the home page and click on the link "places to purchase ingredients"). Ethyl alcohol is available at any pharmacy. Ethyl alcohol however is not Isopropyl alcohol. There is a difference. I do not know how well it will work if you use Isopropyl alcohol. If you can't find ethyl alcohol on the shelf, ask your pharamcist. I'm sure he will direct you to it. We utilize ethyl alcohol because it is believed to be the most "follicle friendly" penetrants there is.

If you wish to make 4 ounces of a 2.5% solution (a very liberal one month supply) you would simply add 3 grams of azelaic acid to 2 ounces of ethly alcohol. Then just give it 15 to 30 minutes to dissolve. The problem for most people will be in determining how much of the azelaic acid powder (more like flakes than a powder) equals 3 grams. If you have a gram scale you have no problem. Just measure out 3 grams and mix it with your 2 ounces of ethyl alcohol. If you do not, all you really need is a one ounce clear plastic medicine cup. Those who order the azelaic acid from me will receive this measuring cup. If you fill the medicine cup to the 5cc or 5ml line, that will be about 3 grams of azelaic acid flakes. Then just dump it in your bottle that contains 2 ounces of 70% ethyl alcohol. It will not mix immediately but will dissolve within 15 to 30 minutes. Once it is dissolved just add 2 ounces of distilled water.

Upon dumping the distilled water into the solution the AA might immediately precipitate back out (become undissolved). It should redissolve within a few hours. If for some reason it does not (you may have originally used a bit too much AA, a bit too little ethyl alcohol or a bit too much distilled water) just add 5-10 mls of additional ethyl alcohol and give it a few more hours. This should do the trick.

You can find the medicine cups at your local pharmacy or you can use one of those little plastic cups that are found on the top of most cough medicines bottles. If the cup measures only teaspoons then 1 teaspoons would be the rough equivalent of 5cc or 5 mls.

Be prepared the first few times you apply the AA. It tends to cause a "flushing" and itching of the scalp. In my experience this effect will gradually diminish as you keep using the substance over days and weeks. The first time you apply it though it can be somewhat distressing because you may not understand what is happening. The flushing and itching usually subsides within a few minutes after applying it however in some individuals it can last for several hours. DO NOT APPLY THE AZELAIC ACID ALL OVER YOUR SCALP THE FIRST TIME YOU USE IT. Apply to just a small area and see how you tolerate it. As days go by you can gradually expand the areas you are applying it to. Remember this formula is acidic and also contains 35% alcohol. Be careful not to get any in your eyes. It burns like hell. If you fail to follow this advice....flush out your eye immediately with water.

It is best to apply the AA with an eye dropper. Apply a thin coat to all areas you wish to treat. Using one hand apply a drop or two to an area of your scalp and immediately when the drop hits your scalp use the finger on your other hand to quickly rub it around before it rolls off your scalp. Proceed in this fashion until you have covered all the scalp surfaces you wish to treat. Upon completion, wait a minute or two for it to dry before applying one of the zix formulas. You want to apply the AA and super zix twice per day and leave it on your scalp. Unlike the Super Zix formula you do not need to refrigerate the azelaic acid solution.

There is, in my opinion, one major draw back to the azelaic acid formula. Because it contains 35% alcohol it tends to have a drying effect on the scalp and hair. When you apply alcohol repeatedly to the hair in higher concentrations it tends to remove the oils from the hair. This causes the diameter of the hair to be reduced and can result in your hair looking slightly less dense. This is only a cosmtic effect. Your hair follicles are not being destroyed by the alcohol......your hair merely can look a bit thinner cosmetically. This draw back can be mitigated to a degree by using the super zix formula which tends to add oils back into the hair.

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