How To Make Zix

Below is how to make the original "Zix". I feel this formula is obsolete to the newer formulas. First Super Zix II contains ethyl alcohol which serves as a penetrant significantly increasing the amount of zinc and b-6 that is reaching the follicle. Also the formula includes saw palmetto which has been shown in studies to be effective in treating hair loss when applied topically. It also contains beta sitosterol which should make it more poweful as well. Super Zix Routine II costs a little bit more ($54.95 for a one year supply) to make yourself but it is money well spent, in my humble opinion. If you are interested in making Super Zix II click here for directions and purchasing supplies.

If you still want to proceed in making the original form of zix, here goes.

Here is a list of items you will need.

2 empty minoxidil containers with eyedropper. (2 oz each)

1 220 mg zinc sulfate capsule. (Each 220mg zinc sulfate capsule actually only contains 50mg of elemental zinc). Suppliers are listed below. Don't waste your time trying to buy it locally. You will have an extremely hard time finding it. I DO NOT make any money when you utilize the suppliers listed below so this is not a sales pitch.

3 50mg b-6 capsules. Suppliers are listed on "places to purchase ingredients" on the home page. Don't waste your time trying to buy it locally. You will have an extremely hard time finding it. I DO NOT make any money when you utilize the suppliers listed below so this is not a sales pitch.

4 oz. of distilled water. (Not spring water or demineralized but distilled water). You can purchase at your local supermarket. It is very cheap.

1 container that can hold approximately 6-12 oz and has a cap that will not leak when you shake it up.

What you want to do is mix your hair loss treatment in such a way that each 2 oz bottle contains 100-110mg of zinc sulfate and 75mg of B-6. To accomplish this all you need do is fill the 2 empty and clean minoxidil bottles with the distilled water and dump them into your larger container. Next take one zinc sulfate capsules (220mg) and gently pull it apart and dump it into the container. Next take the B-6 capsules gently pull them apart and dump them into the container. Close the container and shake well. Now put the large container in a safe place for 1-2 days. This will allow time for the maximum amount of the powders to dissolve.

Don't be concerned about making a perfectly dissolved solution. There is almost always some sediment left on the bottom. There is only so much zinc sulfate and b-6 that will dissolve. Zix is a suspension...meaning you must shake well before using and apply immediately before much of it settles. What is happening is the same thing that happens when you put a load of sugar into your ice tea...only so much dissolves and the rest settles at the bottom.

After you have let your solution sit for 1- 2 days simply shake it up and then pour the contents into the 2 minox bottles. A little funnel may be helpful. Always shake the minox bottle before using. This should be enough to last you at least a month. Unfortunately using a sprayer to apply to your scalp may not work, as it will tend to clog. Using the plastic eyedropper that comes with the minoxidil is usually the best way you can apply this solution. Simply apply to all bald and balding areas twice per day.

Using an eyedropper you apply a drop to an area of your scalp with one hand and then immediately rub it in a bit with the other. This will prevent the zix from "rolling" off your scalp. Proceed in this fashion until you have covered all the areas you want to treat. Wait 5 minutes, then comb or style your hair any way you desire. If you are applying zix after showering, first gently towel dry your hair, apply the zix, wait 5 minutes and then proceed with your normal styling routine.

Since the formula has no preservative, I recommend you store it in the refrigerator if you are making more than a 2 week supply. Also don't mix up more than a 2 month supply even though you will be refrigerating it. Refrigeration, will only keep something fresh for so long. This is the draw back of making a solution that contains no preservatives.

I have now been offering this information for more than 7 years. I have received many positive comments via e-mail and have read many positive comments on message boards. This does not mean that Zix or any of the Zix formulas are proven to regrow hair. I can definitely say that none of the Zix formulas work for everyone. Hell, nothing does! Also I would like to pass on the fact that most of the success stories seem to come from those using only the zix formulas and no other topical treatments. So if you are using something else for hair loss and you want to keep using it then maybe zix is not a good idea for you. I can say that zix can be used in conjuction with the azelaic acid formula. It should not be used in conjuction with any topical minoxidil preparations. The Zinc in zix ruins the minoxidil rendering it useless. If you are already using minox you may want to check out "Minomuck". This is a formula you can add directly into your minoxidil.

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